Mold Finder’s Method: Professional Home Mold Inspection

What Dr. Jess Loves:

Brian Karr’s new national program that finds mold in your home virtually. The most cost-effective way to find the hidden mold that’s making you sick.

Mold is linked to many chronic health conditions but the real problem is who is educated enough to properly find it and remediate it?. Find the mold, remove it properly and get healthy.

Mold finders method is a comprehensive training program that teaches you how to find and remove hidden mold in your own home.

  • The 5 Signs of hidden mold growth
  • Where to look for them in every room
  • How to get the right samples collected​
  • ​How to properly remediate every room
  • Video training tutorials & inspection blueprints
  • ​Tracking documents to build your sampling plan
  • ​We inspect remediation protocols

It works for any type of home anywhere in the world: old Homes, new homes, big homes, small apartments, any climate, any region.

How does this compare to a certified mold inspector?

It’s very easy to become a Certified Mold Inspector. You just need to take a test. That’s it. There’s no field training. No oversight. No quality control. No federal guidelines. And most states not have any sort of licensing either! A local certified mold inspector will collect a few air samples that will tell you nothing. And you’ll pay the same amount (if not more) as you would on this program.

If finding the mold in your home is a priority, then there has to be an investment, even if it’s not this program. The difference is, this program will actually help you find the hidden mold sources, guide you on the proper testing to use to validate them, give you complete remediation protocols for every room and area in your home, and give you resources to help guide you back to health. When you compare the value of the investment in this program to that of what a local mold inspector is going to do… there is literally no comparison.

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