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Agent Nateur Save 15%

This is Dr. Jess’s personal favorite skincare line! Agent Nateur is a luxurious skincare line that avoids all phthalates, parabens, and concerning or questionable chemicals. Choose from a lactic acid cleanser, cucumber eye serum, and the amazing Holi C oil!

Boka Save 15%

BOKA has the cleanest ingredients and uses an alternative to fluoride called hydroxyapatite which strengthens the teeth. I appreciate their science-backed, yet holistic, approach.

JRNO Skin Care & Wellness Consult Tell her Dr. Jess sent you

I am a registered nurse who quit my job at a cooperate clinic to open up a Wellness And skincare Center. After working as a nurse in the ER for 10 years, I saw the need for natural alternative therapies to maximize the health of my patients, family, and community. After 13 years in nursing, […]

Mad Hippie Save 20%

Advanced Skincare products from from Parabens, Cruelty, Animal Testing, GMO’s , SLS, Synthetic Dyes, Perfume, PEGS, Silicone. MadHippie takes skincare seriously!

NakedPoppy 10% off $50 order

Dr. Jess JUST found this site and loves it! NO wonder it’s been written about so much in the media since the idea is pretty novel. You get a high-tech face assessment, then NakedPoppy matches you with the most compatible colors and green beauty skincare products! Viola!

Pur03 ozonated oils Save 15%

Looking for ozone but cannot find anyone in your area to due IV ozone? Check out Pur03’s amazing company who are experts at infusing ozone safely into a base oil. Health benefits include use as a first aid oil, repairs cuts, burns, scrapes, bites and even wrinkles! A Dr Jess fave, but do know ozone has a very strong smell!

Shiva Rose Beauty Save 25%

Dr. Jess recently discovered Shiva Rose products and loves them for the quality of sourcing and the unique blends of high-quality herbs, oils, minerals, and vitamins. She’s pretty sure you’ll love them too. Oh, and Shiva Rose only uses MOLD FREE CITRIC ACID in her products!

The Golden Secrets: Cruelty-Free Skincare Save 20% Sitewide

Birthed from the heart and soul of Jesse Golden, The Golden Secrets is a female-owned & operated holistic, sustainable, fair trade, wild-harvested, and cruelty-free skincare + wellness line to inspire rituals of self-love and unveil an everlasting glow. Rooted in nature, ancient wisdom, and organic beauty, we are committed to giving back and providing tools […]

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50% Off: Bronze + Course + Gut Test + Gut Hero