Mysterious Mold Symptoms

We have a great webinar on #mold, chronic inflammatory response syndrome or #CIRS, & #oxalate toxicity.

Take home points on oxalates & hyperoxaluria? Oxalates are carbon based octahedral structures that come from mold, #candida, or plant sources of food like kale 🥬, spinach, rhubarb, collagen or high dose ascorbic acid. They’re painful & they’re behind #fibromyalgia & kidney stones.

It’s not always HOW MUCH oxalates you’re eating but how much you’re ABSORBING. This is caused by leaky gut as well as low calcium/magnesium. Oxalates are connected to mold exposure, asthma, & autism. In fact, autistic children have 3X more. Another connection with mold illness. Get to the root problem & don’t treat with diet FOREVER.

Children can display many of the listed symptoms, as well as bed wetting & asthma, brought on by bacteria 🦠 or #mycotoxins in #waterdamagedbuildings. Anxiety, depression & out of body experiences are common. #PANDAS, or pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with strep, can be caused by mold, Lyme & #biotoxinillness at which point it’s called PANS. Characterized by tics, loss of handwriting, outbursts, anxiety, OCD & sensory issues, it can terrify parents. Don’t overlook water damage in your home or schools! EMF is known to make mycotoxin replication WORSE.

Children/adults with the gene 🧬 HLA-DR will have a greater susceptibility as their bodies cannot recognize the spores to remove them as readily, so these “canaries in the coal mine” will SMELL & FEEL the danger ⚠️ of the exposure immediately. DO. NOT. CALL. THEM. CRAZY.

Solutions for children include:
Bioflavonoid or propolis air diffusers, air filters, borax & EC3 on clothes/toys, pectin or carbon binders along with a high fiber diet, & AVOIDANCE of all exposures.

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