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How do I boost & support my T Cells?

T cells are a specialized cell within your white blood cells, or soldier cells. There are many types like T helper, T killer, memory or even Treg cells. For the purpose of this post, just know that T cells are some of the first responders of the innate immune system. They’re actually necessary in triggering the adaptive immune system to make antibodies later. However, they have the ability to recognize foreign issues like cancer or pathogens without the help of readymade antibodies. This is what’s happening some in C due to robust crossover immunity & their body’s ability to recognize foreign toxins.

So if you’re on Immunosuppressant meds or have T cell abnormalities, ask your doc about your risk & what you can do to improve immune health. Here are some natural suggestions—which ALL are looking to improve mitochondrial function, the powerhouse organelle in every cell except red blood cells. Formation of reactive oxygen species steals oxygen molecules away from needed reactions in the Krebs cycle inside mitochondrion, rendering them unable to make ATP. The inability to make cellular energy is a LEADING underlying cause for SO MANY DISEASES.

So improving mitochondria function improves immunity & T cell function since this is the body’s leading way of making all ENERGY TO FIGHT ANYTHING. How do you improve T cell, immune & mitochondria function as they can’t really be separated?
1. Medicinal mushrooms 🍄: AHCC, mentioned one my IG stories, for its ability to improve dendritic cells, who present antigens to T cells! Look into shiitake, turkey tail, Agaricus Blazeii & reishi mushroom.
2. Selenium, found in highest amounts in Brazil nuts, is an antioxidant that is shown in studies to improve immune function in studies. It is needed in making glutathione & helps neutralize reactive oxygen species.
3. In studies, exercise elicits an increase in the numbers of circulating T cells & lymphocyte subsets-also corrects mitochondrial issues.

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$15 Off First Month

For new customers on all memberships