67% of adult-onset asthma developed after working in a water damaged building

Did you guys know? A study in Environmental Health Perspectives in 2005 showed that 67% of all adult-onset asthma developed after occupational exposure in a water damaged building. From my experience? A child that is potty trained & suddenly starts having bed wetting episodes or night terrors has mold exposure! And that’s what sarcoidosis & many times, adult-onset asthma is too. If you’re short of breath out of proportion to what you’re doing, have a squirrel bladder, gastritis, rashes, & feel like you’re getting Alzheimers, then get checked for sick building syndrome. ESPECIALLY if you’ve ever been in a house that’s EVER had a leak. EVER. Companies do not understand the severity of mold & remediate improperly the majority of the time. TRUTH ✔️
So how was the study conducted? “As part of a program to study occupational respiratory disease in the nonindustrial environment, we investigated building-related respiratory health in the employees of a large 20-story office building in the northeastern USA. Since the mid-1990s, the building had leaked through the roof, around windows, & through sliding doors of terraces. Sentinel cases of postoccupancy-onset asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP), & sarcoidosis had been diagnosed, & the persons affected had been relocated to another facility. HP is an immune-regulated granulomatous disease that has been associated with fungal contamination, & it has been found to coexist with asthma in damp office buildings.” Sarcoidosis is a granulomatous autoimmune condition “of unknown etiology.”
What did they find? “In conclusion, the present study contributes to the growing literature that water-damaged buildings can be associated with work-related respiratory disease. This investigation documents the considerable respiratory illness, adverse effects on quality of life, & absenteeism that have placed personal, social, & economic burdens on many employees/employers. Building-related respiratory disease warrants increased public health, medical research, & policy attention.” POLICY ATTENTION YA’LL
In short? I can’t heal you AT ALL if you’re still in a water damaged building. Your health is more important than a job.

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