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Open Office: Deb Brucker FDN-P LIVE Session

Wednesday, July 31st 2024 6:00pm EST
Deb Brucker FDN-P objectivehc

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner dedicated to guiding your wellness journey using insights from my personal healing experience.

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Who: Deb Brucker FDN-P

When: Wednesday, July 31st | 6:00 PM ET / 3:00 PM PT

Where: (Only WellnessPlus Members have access)

About Open Office

Welcome to our virtual Open Office Hours, designed to mirror the comfort and personal touch of sitting with a health practitioner, all from the convenience of your own home. Imagine a friendly, supportive group setting via webcam and Zoom, where you can connect, share, and learn in a relaxed atmosphere. This experience is tailored for those seeking guidance without the formality of a traditional office visit.

We understand that simplicity and ease are key when you’re not feeling your best. That’s why we’ve created a space that combines professional advice with the warmth of a community. So, please make yourself comfortable and join us for a session that promises to be informative and reassuring.

  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable knowledge from Dr. Jess and delve into holistic health.
  • Interactive Q&A: In a live Q&A segment, Dr. Jess responds to your questions.
  • Educational Focus: The session is intended for educational purposes and should not be considered medical advice.

Session Requirements

  • Zoom Participation: The session will be held on Zoom; ensure you have the app installed and ready.
  • Zoom Screen Name: To maintain privacy, please set it to your WellnessPlus User Name.
  • Webcam Enabled: Participation requires your webcam to be on, encouraging a more interactive and personal experience.
  • Duration: It is scheduled for 1 hour, but it could be extended to 2 hours based on participation and engagement.

Important Notices

  • Privacy in a Group Setting: This is a group session, and complete privacy cannot be guaranteed.
  • Educational Content: The information shared is not a substitute for professional medical advice.
  • Participation Agreement: By joining, you agree to the session’s terms, including using a webcam.
  • Video and or Audio Recording is Strictly Prohibited.  

Need Help?

If you have inquiries or need assistance, contact our support team at [email protected]. Stay updated and connected with us for more wellness insights!

This webinar is intended solely to provide information. The information presented as part of this webinar and any material published in relation to this webinar is provided for general purposes only. It should not be construed as professional advice from hosts, the presenters or the participants, or any of their respective affiliates, associates, employees, or representatives (collectively, the “Presenters”). The content of this webinar may not apply directly to specific circumstances. Personal, and professional advice should be sought before any action is taken in relation to information disseminated during the webinar.

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Talk To Dr. Jess On Video

Join WellnessPlus to engage in a live Q&A segment, where Dr. Jess responds to your questions.